Dividend Champions definition

Dividend Champions are companies which haven’t cut their dividend for 25+ straight years. Unlike the Dividend Aristocrats, Dividend Champions are not necessarily members of the S&P 500 or its foreign equivalent index.

Why Euro Dividend Champions list?

You can find a US list, a Canadian list and a UK list. But there is a lack of updated and comprehensive list of Dividend Champions in Europe for investor willing to diversify their portfolios geographically with stocks in the old continent.

For that reason, we have put together a list of companies located in the Euro zone that have increased or maintained their dividends for 4 or more financial years.

European companies don’t increase dividends

Unlike enterprises in US and UK, European companies usually prefer to maintain dividends instead increase just a few cents, and wait to do a big raise in a future year. This could back off foreign investors but in long term is unimportant if the growth ratio along years is good enough.

Download Dividend Champions in Excel format

Euro Dividend Champions in Excel

There are 86 European Dividend companies in the list, classified as Champions, Contender, Challengers and Next-Challengers:

  • Champions (25+ Years): 6
  • Contenders (10-24 Years): 50
  • Challengers (5-9 Years): 28
  • Next-Challengers (4 Years): 2

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